Ask A Convicted Senator

Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), is there another opportunity to see Captain Automatic live in concert in 2008?

But just you wait til next year!

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Bordello: The Love Show

Bordello, originally uploaded by Captain Automatic.

Rico from Man and the Motorcar joins Captain Automatic for "Bad Woman #5" at Bordell, eve of Valentine's Day. We broke hearts.

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Feb 13 Show

Feb 13 Show, originally uploaded by Captain Automatic.

come check us out, eh?

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Merry Christmas from Captain Automatic, A Band That Comprises Three and a Half Jews

Thanks to everybody for coming to the Silverlake Lounge last week and thanks to the Fold for having us over.

We've been cooking up some special treats in the Captain Automatic holiday kitchen. Engineered by the band and produced by Professor Pessah, here for your seasonal enjoyment is our late-entry contribution to your holiday migraine. Please download and play at a mall near you today.

(We Used To Have A) Christmas Party

Enjoy, and we'll see you in ought-eight.

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Silverlake Lounge, December 18

Thanks to Aman About Town and Going Los Angeles for covering the show.

Pictured: Andrew joins on cello for "The Recognitions". (Hear it at our myspace.)

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On Sale Today; Wet Your Whistle

Pictures Of The Moon EP is now on sale at CD Baby. It fits neatly into most regulation stockings.

Here's a sample track for you to enjoy. It's called "New Hampshire Rodeo", and you can listen to it right here or download it and put it on that party mix you were making.

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CD Release Party at Silverlake Lounge

Captain Automatic is pleased to announce the release of its first studio EP, Pictures Of The Moon.

Come get a taste of the action on Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 at 8:30 pm. Join us at The Fold at Silverlake Lounge for our CD release party.

We'll be followed by Sam and Alex, One Trick Pony, and Marvelous Toy.

The Fold at Silverlake Lounge
2906 Sunset Blvd. at Parkman (map)
$8 cover

For those of you need your Captain Automatic sooner (or in time to stuff some stockings), we will be putting it on sale December 10 in stores and online. Details to come.

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Harvest show

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There, in the distance

Look at the Moon, originally uploaded by Captain Automatic.

Something's coming.

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2.Wall2-3.jpg, originally uploaded by Captain Automatic.

Circulation is a site-specific work by Tamara Sussman, made 'specially for Josh. Slideshow.

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Pictures of the Moon

Dunescape 06, originally uploaded by Antelope Balloo.

Be prepared: we are bringing you our music. It is a long way through the desert to bring it to you. It will be called "pictures of the moon".

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A friend has made a discovery.

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